Founded in 2017, TEMP is an architectural design studio based in Beijing. Featured as Position's 2018 Young Architects, the studio has completed and conceptualized projects for cultural organizations, corporations and retail businesses. 2021, the studio was selected as 100 AD's most influential architects.
TEMP sees architecture as an exploration and at the same time an expression of reality. In time of increasing conflicts of ambition, function, and place, the studio understands that it is critical to extract relationships of simple organizations through clear logic and process. It constantly seeks forms of simplicity hidden behind the unpredictable world of different scales as for example objects, architecture, and city.

Its founder, Howard Jiho Kim, previously led a studio at Tsinghua University Architectural Design Institute and has worked as a project architect at MAD in Beijing. Besides practicing in China, he has taught for years at universities such as Korean National University of Arts and exhibited at galleries and museums, including the National Museum of Korea. His works has caught the attention of various media, from People's Daily, Chosun Daily, AD, Icon to Wallpaper. Howard has earned his degree from the University of Virginia in the United States.


Howard Jiho Kim 金智虎
Woohyung Choi
Francesca Tongxin Guan 关童心
Yaodong Ding 丁耀东

成立于2017年,TEMP是一所位于北京的建筑设计工作室。作为“Position有方”2018年特别报道的年轻建筑事务所,TEMP已经为多个文化组织、企业及零售业态完成诸多建筑设计、室内设计及概念设计项目。2021年,TEMP入选安邸“AD100 中国最具影响力100位建筑和室内设计精英”榜单。
TEMP创始人金智虎(Howard Jiho Kim)于美国弗吉尼亚大学获得建筑学位。他曾带领过清华大学建筑设计研究院工作室团队,也曾作为项目建筑师于北京MAD工作室任职。除了在中国的建筑实践之外,他还在诸如韩国国立艺术大学这样的高校中任教数载,并于包括韩国国立博物馆在内的美术馆和博物馆中展出作品,同时也吸引了从人民日报、韩国朝鲜日报、AD、Icon到Wallpaper等众多杂志及媒体的关注。